Let’s first start by answering this intrinsically vital question. What is the perfect web design? In my view, when art form combines with technology using the correct proportions of aesthetics, content, and current trends, you come up with a perfect web design. While 2016 concentrated on mobile interfaces, 2017 might have a different surprise in store for us. As a web designer, you have to keep your senses alert and anticipate what’s coming up. With a strong groundwork and sound design ideas, go ahead and design an interactive website. Some web design trends though, are expected to reign the markets in 2017. Let’s find out.

Material design

Though we have all gone the digital way, our heart still resides in the beauty of paper and ink. Google has been using this technique since 2014, which involves using paper and ink principle in the digital form. Shadows and edges are incorporated into images to replicate paper effects.

Material design

Visual hierarchy and grids are used to create layouts and user-friendly interfaces. These designs are largely similar in structure and designers are increasingly using them worldwide. Material design is used making templates, themes, and CMSs and it are slowly leading to the uniformity of web designs.


Colors can influence the mind, thoughts, and moods of the user. Greenery is the color theme chosen by Pantone this year. It’s likely that color combinations recommended in Material designs by Google will be used more widely in web designs. The use of bright colors is coming back and will be used in designs even without the usage of material design concepts. Duotone is a concept that uses two colors in an image ad is becoming increasingly popular.

colors in web design trends
Along with bright color schemes, gradients are also becoming popular. Check out Instagram’s newly redesigned icon which is color-drenched and contains a gradient of colors.


Big and bold fonts will dominate the web design scene in 2017. This will be the year when we see more creative uses to typography to attract the viewer’s attention. Moreover, these phrases and words will be clear and indicate directly to the objective of the post.

fonts in web design trends

Many websites use big and bold fonts as a part of their web design to get the message across to the user.

Modular designs

Block, grids, patterns and straight lines, modular designs are here to stay. Sleek layouts with clean, cut edges and lines define all image patterns today. As per the Google reports, modular designs are gaining popularity since 2011.

modular design

Build in Amsterdam has created a modular website where each content element is defined by a ‘module’. These modules convey information in a simple yet attractive manner.


A good UX design always has one important element- microinteractions. Their presence might not be perceived by us many times, must their absence takes out essential elements from a web design.

Microinteractions are small animations that define petty actions. A microinteraction works on two components. First, it conveys the impact of an interaction, e.g. such as ‘liking’ a post. Next, it does not remove the user’s attention span from the post. Microinteractions have become a subtle yet important parts of web designs and they are effective ways to increase the user’s interaction with the website.


Animation has always evolved through the years, and to present day, is still getting better. Designers use visual tools to bring about interesting and innovative impacts on their websites.

Animation guru Val hEad had stated in a Design & Content Conference in 2016 that designers should incorporate voice modulations and tone documentation while developing animated Gifs. This will ensure more meaningful functions for the animations and ensure the better utility of graphic designs.

SVGs In Web Design Trends

The use of SVGs has surged since 2013. Scalable Vector Graphics(SVGs) are extremely responsive and work beautifully with images like logos. PNG and JPG formats should be replaced by SVG as they are more suitable for images like vector graphics. SVG format images not only have small sizes that add to the page speed, they deliver perfectly in any scale.

VR and 360 videos

Virtual reality has been on the design horizon for sometime now and is widely used for storytelling and narrations. 360 videos are the latest  web design trends that designers are incorporating into their video marketing campaigns. Check this nice html video player with playlist to diplay your video creations.


A 360 video web design experience was created for the movie Blair Witch

Conversational interfaces

Conversational interfaces are a step up on virtual reality. It gives a complete meaning to a UX design where users leverage the full potential of the website by conversing with it. 2017 will definitely see more of bots. Who knows the comment section of websites and posts will get a voice and it will appear into the forefront, engaging viewers ever more than before.

conversational interface

And if that does not convince you, adoption of voice technology by Amazon Echo, and deep integration of Google’s Assistant into Android is another example of the growing demand of conversational interfaces.

Content is still ’dependable’

The tide of web design trends does not affect this factor. The importance of good content is timeless. So what will change? Layouts. Yes, how the content has to be placed so that its impact is the maximum, is the task that now lies in the hands of designers. With optimization taking a major role in design strategies, we hope that the essence of any website its content does not get compromised.


So start designing your very own website using these new web design trends that we hope will dominate the web designing industry in 2017. Every web designer can mark a mark of their own, they do not need to be always guided by the ‘trends’. But as a designer, if you are aware of the web design trends, it will definitely go a long way in helping you devise your own web design strategies.

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