Video Marketing Trends for 2017

As the web and social platforms are readily available to more and more people, marketing strategies began using them to promote basically everything. 2017 seems to be the year of video marketing online, so we put together seven things to consider when planning a publicity campaign.

Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, these are only some of the major social sites that can help you reach a larger audience and create a clearer image of your business. Check also these online email marketing services for your business.

1. Virtual Reality and 360-degree Videos

Virtual Reality, or VR is a popular trend nowadays thanks to Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and other innovative technologies. But 360-degree videos can also be viewed without expensive VR gear, so that more users can reach them.

If you fear VR won’t get any results, you should know that more tests have proven that two different videos did get different audiences with the same ad. Magnifyre took a regular video and a 360-degree video and the 360-degree had almost 29% more views than the regular one. Even more, there were twice as many viewers who ran the 360-degree video all the way through.

This is why Virtual Reality and 360-degree videos will surely boost your business and increase the visitors on your page.

Virtual Reality video marketing

2. Influencer marketing

Influencers are popular people with large fanbases. Even if they don’t know them personally, 92% of customers trust direct recommendations of well-known humans over certain brands. Though, brands need to carefully look for suitable influencers in order to promote their products well enough.

The following infographic shows exactly how influencers help in video marketing.

influencer video marketing

Hiring a team of influencers may be a better option over picking a single famous person which is the jack of all trades. A team may be able to work better and reach a larger population segment.

3. Live video streaming across all channels

There had been 81% more viewers watching Live Video in 2016 than in 2016, and the trend is increasing rapidly. All major social media platforms have introduced this facility and are still developing and investing in it.

The majority of desktop users usually spend about 34.5 min. daily watching Live Video, while VOD (Video On Demand) are being watched for an average of 2.6 minutes each day.

4. Video in email marketing

Many people nowadays get bored by just reading long texts, or even a short marketing email. Images are good, but videos are the blast this season.
Many marketers have experienced sudden drops in click and open rates in some of their newsletter email campaigns, but it’s fairly easy to change this.
video email marketing

You can send your message in a more appealing way through a video played in a video player, and most marketers have noticed a quick increase in their click-through rates and shares. The word “video” in the e-mail subject is also helpful in increasing the opening rates.

For higher success in video email marketing, create a high quality video of 3-4 minutes maximum. You can host it on Youtube to increase visiblity.
The most useful videos in increasing traffic have proven to be product demos and training videos. Check this great collection of free newsletter email templates.

5. Instagram video marketing

The numbers of adults using Instagram has risen quickly in just a few years. In 2012, 12% of adults were using the platform, while in 2016 they reached 32%. It was estimated that by the end of 2017, the rate will be close to 40%.

Instagram video marketing
Statista shows us how the numbers have increased from 90 million users up to 600 million in onlu three years.

A minumim of 4-5 short Instagram videos each day will boost your viewing rates. You can make small 20-second videos that are relevant to your business and your audience.

6. Snapchat, the first in social media video marketing

Snapchat use is constantly increasing, reching up to 10 billion videos being watched each day. The numbers will increase in 2017, as there are three times more video viewers each month.

snapchat video marketing

Facebook has ten times more users than Snapchat, but there are already 10 billion video views on Snapchat unlike 8 billion views on Facebook. Influencers can help you a lot, so spending only a few minutes per day on Snapchat can really boost your business!

7. Animated GIFs on Social Media

social media video marketing

On social platforms like Twitter, animated GIFS and very short videos are the latest trend. This is because they can tell a story in just a few moments, just like the short texts you can post on Twitter.

Making thumb-stopping videos in minutes using the Lumen5 online video maker platform is the smartest way to create social posts, stories and ads.

They serve a lot of purposes since they first came to light and can help convey humor, trends, emotions, as well as progressive stories.

Sites like Tumblr also gave these small videos the possibility to enhance publicity, and many brands have adopted them as part of their marketing strategies and rely on them to connect with their followers.

In the end, make sure you follow these short guidelines to ensure great success on your video marketing campaigns:

  • No autoplay: many users hate it when a video plays by itself, so make sure you give them the opportunity to hit the play button anytime;
  • Create a mini-series instead of a large video: breaking up your content into smaller videos will make it easier to digest;
  • Call to action: direct your users to your page, as just uploading a video is not enough to get them there ;
  • Personal touch: don’t just state “my  brand is the best”. The most successful campaigns have focused on personal issues, putting the brand in the background.

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