6 Months with Elementor

A couple of years ago, before page builders hit the web development market, creating a website involves a lot of work between developers, project managers and even those in copywriting. It took months and months of revisions and checking to get a few simple changes and design on your website.

Until then these page builders strike us and enables us to create a website with a little of coding skills required. 

Elementor makes it super easy for people who don’t do codes to create any WordPress website they wish to have. Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress. This plugin helps you make beautiful pages using a visual editor. It’s created for you to build a dynamic and great website quickly.

It’s Free

This fantastic page builder offers a free version to use. Most of the web site’s function is there, and you don’t need to upgrade to the Pro version though if you’re getting paid to make sites these extra tools help.

Great Looking Pages

It has lots of features and is super easy to use, even though it’s free. It has an inline text editing and a real-time editor preview that gives a glance of any changes made in those pages. 

It offers a unique element that can be added in the website’s current theme without any HTML, CSS or PHP skills. Sounds Great!

Adapts to any screen

It allows you to create custom page layouts without giving trouble in screen size adaptability. Since it can adjust for desktop, tablet and mobile view separately, designs get responsive quickly.

Gives precision to details

There are exceptionally detailed settings for all layouts, margin and padding values, alignments. The real-time previews give you a real picture of your website elements and pages.

The Cons

However, these fantastic controls given by Elementor have a little rip off if you do some revisions. A stack of wrapper elements is needed to be inspected since it has its margins, paddings, alignments and responsive settings. Which when you manually add your own, its responsive view might be affected.

Nevertheless, one should try for themselves and discover how websites can even be better with the push of Elementor.

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