Boost your Online Traffic using these Sources

Google is the giant search engine that most people rely on. For any website, whether new or old, it is essential yet tough to generate the genuine traffic. Because almost 80% of the global market share is held by Google, attracting traffic from this engine seems a good idea. But it is not that easy though!
Other than that, many other sources are there which you can take advantage of when it comes to generating online traffic. Just tap in these sources effectively and get less dependent on the GOOGLE if you want to amplify the site’s traffic. Check out the sources and also check best video marketing trends:

Blog Commenting

Though not much considered by Google, still it works. Previously, blog commenting was used to create backlinks but as the time passed, backlinks lost its importance. It is because random spammers used to visit the site and leave stupid comments just to take a backlink to their site via your site. Now, the main focus is on earning the genuine visitors who actually like your site and leave an organic comment. If anyone tries to write a spam comment, the nofollow element comes in the scene and the comment goes unnoticed.
However, natural blog commenting is good to build the brand and help others to show trust in your website. Ever left a comment on a product that you have used? That is called organic blog comment, get it?
Before writing a comment, make sure to read the whole blog and then leave a relevant and valuable comment. Be updated with the new posts and engage others in a way that they cannot resist clicking through to your site.
Blog Commenting

FaceBook Advertisements

Advertisements are an evergreen source to attract people towards your products and services. Other than blog commenting, FaceBook is an all time savior. Scrape out some bucks and let Facebook work according to what you want. Building traffic is definitely a tough task and depending on your business line, you might have to spend in paid advertisements offered by Facebook.
Spread awareness among people by running Facebook campaigns as people who are the regular users, click on the unique ads. Many people invest in ads to rake in more audience because paid advertisements bring in better outputs.
Create an ad and see how it contributes to making your small business a huge success in no time!
facebook advertisement

Responsive Site

Responsive pages have come to your rescue even if the design is not so appealing. Yes, you heard that right! Do not have a nicely designed site? Have all the pages optimized for smartphones and other smaller gadgets? If yes, then you can hit the top rankings easily because today people are more active on their phones rather than the laptops. Give your visitors a chance to scroll your website the way they want as non-responsive sites can really push them away to other websites. Make sure to create a responsive site or responsive newsletter emails that is comfortably accessible from any device.
responsive site

Image Sharing

Visually appealing images work much better than the simple text messages. Yes, people get attracted towards the visual content like infographics, images, and videos etc. To optimize the site for SEO purposes, image sharing is another great idea. Google relies on high-quality images and gives a good ranking to the sites having exceptionally designed images.
However, the main goal here is to share the images on various image sharing platforms to generate traffic. Bring out your creativity level while creating images and sharing them on Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Imgur and Deviantart etc. If possible, add a link in the images as a part of your marketing strategy and let people come to your site naturally.
Image sharing

On-Page SEO

SEO is still alive to attract the genuine and relevant traffic towards your website. For the search engines, it is extremely important to optimize your site with nice content and valuable information. Have you used proper ALT tags for the images? Is the content interlinked to keep the readers engaged for a long time? Are the meta descriptions nicely written to rank good in SERPs? All these contribute a lot in boosting the organic traffic so why not to consider them?
on page seo


While these are the most used sources to generate online traffic, you should invest your time and efforts to make Google believe in your worth. Anyone with a web presence is more likely to get success in the coming future, so wouldn’t you want to join that race?
Follow the relevant SEO methods along with these and spread your brand awareness across the world. Is that a bad thing?

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