Companies, businesses, and individual enterprises, all need a good attorney firm to handle their legal and business affairs. And how do these companies look for legal attorneys and law advocates? By searching online for legal entities who meet their business requirements. We have compiled a list of top websites using Lawyers WordPress theme crafted by our partner MatchThemes.

Law firms and lawyers need a strong online presence to get hired by potential clients. Lawyers is an extremely versatile WordPress theme created for law firms, attorneys, advocates barristers, and law related businesses. This WPML compatible theme is 100% responsive and has fully widgetized homepage. It is an exceptional theme created by MatchThemes, which provides a stunning niche collection of website solutions. Check also this free and commercial legal html templates list.

Lawyers WordPress Theme Top Websites is a 100% responsive website created for business consultants and financial experts. This Lawyer WordPress Theme website is developed for finance consultants who formulates financial strategies for the company and fix the low-key areas.

deconstantin lawyers theme can be accessed from mobiles, desktops, and tablets with absolute ease. The Lawyers WordPress theme uses Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 framework and Font Awesome icons make the website designs appealing.

Stirr Associates is a website designed using Lawyers. Stir Associates are financial and career management consultants for athletes and players. Stir Associates uses all the competent features of Lawyers WordPress theme which give the website the desired functionality and a high level of performance. This website is designed using features like custom header options, footer options, and 8 Custom Page Templates which provide the users complete flexibility and ease.

Stirrassociates lawyers theme

Nashconnors is a highly customized website dedicated to personal injury litigation. This litigation website is designed using the Lawyers WordPress Theme by MatchThemes. The theme provides awesome features that enable web developers to design exemplary websites that are responsive, versatile and user-friendly. Navigation across the website is seamless and users can conveniently browse the website.

nashconnors lawyers theme

Lawyers WordPress theme provide 4 Custom Post types and 6 custom Home Widgets providing flexibility to the designer while setting up the website.

Endersteinvandermerwe is a Lawyers WordPress Theme website designed for legal experts who deal with an array of law-related issues like Commercial Litigation, Insolvency Law, Debt Recovery, Commercial Law, Property Law, Family Law, Administrative Law, Legal Risk Assessment, Insurance Litigation and many other legal matters.

The sleek layouts of the websites with numerous slider images are appealing and provide extensive information to the user about the services of the law firm.

Endersteinvandermerwe lawyers theme

The website is compatible with Bootstrap 3.x and WPML. The theme can use the Google Web custom fonts to showcase different information using the different text styles.


The is a website created for the Bauguss Law firm, an experienced attorney company. These attorneys deal with several legal matters like auto accidents, criminal defense, DWI defense, and employee discrimination. The Free case evaluation form is simple and using readable fonts that are easy to fill.

bauguss law lawyers theme

The one-page design website of the covers all aspects of the legal firm and makes browsing a cakewalk. The default Lawyers WordPress theme has been totally customized to meet the requirements of an attorney firm and make the user- experience simple and useful.

Ct4law is an attorney firm website that deals with legal matters of SME’s and those of international concern. The goal of the organization was a clear and personalized client- lawyer relationship. This website is designed using the Lawyers WordPress theme and completes  all the goals of the law firm.

Ct 4 law lawyers theme
The website extensively showcases all the services offered by the law firm, their achievements, profile, and contact details. There is a blog section which has articles on different legal issues.


The Law Office of Aaron R. Vega has been committed to providing legal expertise to people with special needs. Their website, is a classic example of a great user experience.

Disability benefits lawyers theme


Benjamin Stirling, ESQ is highly acclaimed for recovering injury compensations. The website gives the user a complete idea of the legal procedures involved in dealing with injury cases. The practice areas are well-defined and selecting a course of legal action is simple and easy.

Stirling legal lawyers theme

Eastsidelegal by Lawyers WordPress Theme

A contemporary website showcasing the modern approach and working of its firm, is your one-stop solution for corporate and individual legal matters. The sleek layouts and clean design exude sheer class and elegance. Clients from various niche are attracted to the website due to its exceptional user experience and simplicity of design.

east side legal lawyers theme

It has a fully responsive design that covers all details of a legal firm in a single page. is a Lawyers WordPress theme that uses all the default features and is SEO compatible as well.


Gould & Associates is an attorney company for hearing the employee causes who have faced discrimination and harassment at work. Its website is powerd by Lawyers WordPress Theme from MatchThemes with a fully responsive design. The sliders in the top panel eloquently display all the services offered by the firm. The theme offer several headers, footers, and other options to customize the website as per user requirements.

wage and hour law lawyers theme