How much attention do you pay to your ‘coming soon’ page? If you’re like most people, not very much. Truth be told, not every site has a need for a page like this. Most of the time, you simply upload your website once it’s complete and avoid bothering with ‘under construction’ page. But what if you’ve teased the audience about your new brand/product/event, and the website isn’t ready yet? What if you really have some work on the website and need it to be under construction for a while? That’s where our free coming soon templates collection fit in perfectly. Check also this tutorial if you want to learn how to create a responsive html5 coming soon page.

We chose 15 best free coming soon templates for this type of under construction website pages. Even if you don’t need one right now, you may want to browse and save some of them for later. You never know when you will need it, and it’s better if you have it handy at that time. Our list is versatile and we believe that anyone can find a template for their specific website. They are usually easy to customize, too, so there’s no doubt at least one of these will fit your website’s design. Let’s begin.

First in Top Free Coming Soon Templates

As you already know xTime, a very popular coming soon template created by Match Themes is a fully responsive Twitter Bootstrap template perfect for your next website. It’s highly customizable and easy to setup. You can pick from a number of options, including YouTube video, fullscreen slideshow, static color, or a static image.

xtime free coming soon under construction template

Cronos – Coming Soon Html5 Template

Cronos is another popular template by MatchThemes in our free coming soon templates list offering a creative solution for your next webpage. This html5 under constuction template is flexible and simple to use. It’s customizable and comes with 6 different styles and included contact form.

cronos free coming soon under construction template

SeedProd – Free HTML Coming Soon Page

SeedProd is a free HTML5 coming soon template you can use for your website while it’s under construction. Built with HTML, CSS43, and Bootstrap.

seedprod free coming soon under construction template


Metronic offers numerous features like timer, animated menu, social profiles, responsive design, etc. Based on Bootstrap so you can easily customize it.

metronic free coming soon under construction template

Zoon in Free Coming Soon Templates

With Zoon, a fully responsive and clean template, you can be sure your ‘coming soon’ page will look perfect on any device. In includes a google map section and about us sections for added value.

zoon free coming soon under construction template

WeBuild – Free bootstrap coming soon template with countdwon

WeBuild was built on Bootstrap and is simple, flat, and completely free for use.

webuild free coming soon under construction template

UX – Free Responsive Coming Soon Countdown Template

UX is your go-to HTML coming soon page template that has a countdown timer so your customers can know when you’re coming back.

ux free coming soon under construction template

Progress – Free Coming Soon Website Template

Progress features some fun options, such as a jQuery countdown timer, fading animations, and a carousel plugin.

progress free coming soon under construction template

Coming Soon Page Template: Blue Horizons

This simple coming soon template was built with HTML and requires HTML knowledge for customization.

blue horizons in free coming soon templates


Khronos is not only a template but a pack of coming soon pages for you to pick from. Thanks to its elegant design it can be used for various purposes and websites. Whether you have a personal site, corporate site, or agency site, you can’t miss with Khronos.

khronos free coming soon under construction template


Advent offers a modern-looking HTML5 coming soon template, perfect for letting your visitors know when your site will be back up.

advent free coming soon under construction template


Nobody likes waiting, but with Imminent it can be a bit less painful. Show your visitors that your website is going to be amazing by providing them with an amazing ‘coming soon’ page before the launch.

imminent in free coming soon templates


Awesome is perfect for your awesome projects – a fully responsive, bootstrap template has an animated countdown to get the excitement level up.

awesome free coming soon under construction template


Season is clean, minimalistic, and modern. In other words, a perfect choice for when you need a coming soon page created quickly and effortlessly.

season free coming soon under construction template


Alissa is a free, responsive template for your coming soon page. It will make waiting time go by faster as your visitors enjoy the website even before it’s up.

alissa in free coming soon templates

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