How to Design Websites for Children

Every website is designed for a specific audience and comes with dos and don’ts. For children also, certain parameters have to be set to achieve the challenges and targets. While building websites for children, it is really essential to follow some expert tips. Age and gender are the starting points that help in creating an effective and attention-grabbing site. To win the younger audience, here are some tips:

Focus on the Age Group

Every child or kid has a different mind to perceive the ideas. Same goes in the case of the websites! An element that lures a 10-year kid might not be as good for a 15-year-old. So before planning anything for your website, make sure to consider the age group. Check also this nice collection of children website templates.

Ask yourself few questions:

• What is the age group of the target audience?
• Is the site appealing?
• Is the content readable?

Kids never like the cluttered and messy websites especially the ones under 10. Make the site easily navigable with readable content and beautiful images. Because pictures are worth thousand words, kids love to scroll the images to grasp the main idea. Work on the color schemes not to sound too babyish or too complicated. Choose the brighter and vibrant colors with the use of some graphics.

No Room for Patience

Face the fact or not, but kids are not at all patient. Anything that they dislike is the last decision and they never think twice upon that. Make your site accordingly to offer some interesting element that hooks them to the website. It is really hard to talk the kids into something so add the appropriate content or sentences or language and say goodbye to the adult educational themes of any sort.

Make it Easy When Design Websites For Children

Kids are full of life and don’t really have time to figure things out. Incorporate the elements, features, icons or symbols that are large enough to be seen by the kids. Also, make everything functional at the site and let them coordinate in a better way.

Make the Site Interactive

Kids get bored while seeing the boring website and immediately leave the site. It results in pushing the bounce rate and eventually tumbling down your search results ranking. However, it is important to create an interactive website that can keep the kids engaged to the interesting layout of the site. Because sounds tempt the kids, add advanced sounds and also put nice animations where possible.
Add extra games or fun activities at the site to create awareness among the children and educate them to enhance their inner skills.
character animation image in websites for children

Make a Parent Section

Parents keep a close check on the stuff their kids have access to! If your website has adult stuff or anything irrelevant, they will never allow their children to visit it. Therefore, while designing the site, don’t forget the parents. Add an informative section and some useful resources that the parents find useful for their bundles of joy.
Keep these tips in mind while designing websites for children if you want to be their top choice.

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