This is a fully functional slot machine that uses html5 canvas and jquery. You can use this item to produce various types of slot machines. It pays both by credits and lines. Use any number of pay lines, slots and slot images. Increase or decrease the chance of forming a particular combination by adding / removing more images. You can be creative and even produce wild card entries. Check also the music events and game portal tenplate.

Slot Machine Game Features:

  • Unlimited number of images per slot.
  • Unlimited slots.
  • Use any lines possible as a payline.
  • Randomize the slot images.
  • Use any kind of combination possible as a winning criteria.
  • Set custom payouts. Payouts can be multiple of credits/lines or can be varied depending on credits or fixed for a combination.
  • Set your own limit on total credits and max credits that can be bet at a time.
  • Externalized slot controls make it easy to customize the look of the buttons and text
  • Support for slot sounds.