Free CSS Templates, Themes Reviewed & More to Come

Why Web Design Cup?

A resource for newbies, students and pro’s we started as part of our own journey into web design and as a way to share some of what we were building to the awesome web development community.

We are just about to start a new phase of Web Design Cup in recognition of what has changed in the landscape of web design and code.

The idea of ‘Web Design Cup’ was of a collection of freelancers and students all over the world working out of coffee shops wanting to share experiences, tools and ideas. We still want to encourage that though we are now hosted by a digital agency in Wales, UK.

Our Free Templates

These were made based on projects we did and provide a potential starting point or a collection of ideas and inspirations for you budding developers.

Web Design Cup - Collaboration

As css and javascript projects are getting more diverse and specific to new kinds of platforms as people move interfaces online we are counting on our growing community to help others explore the possibilities.

Page Builders

Love them or hate them page builders are making a significant impact on web design all over the world. There purpose is to make web design faster and more accessible. We fought against them for a long time as they still had a decent learning curve and made website code incredibly messy.

That landscape changed with the dawning of Elementor. Not since Dreamweaver (Google it millennials) has take up for a design package been so swift and loved by novices and pro’s alike. We’d like to explore why it works but also why care needs to be taken and an understanding of coding fundamentals still plays an important part even if you adopt one of these tools.